Peterborough Photographic Society

The 2020-2021 Executive Board is:

    • President: Claude Denis


The President is the Chief Executive Officer of PPS, presides at all society meetings, chairs the monthly meetings and the meetings of the Executive, and normally serves a two-year term. A commitment to a two-year term as president is also a commitment to stay on for a similar length of term as Past President.

      • Vice-President (position available)


The PPS Vice-President is a stepping-stone position. It is basically a two year track leading up to the position of president. The VP sits on the Executive Board, assists the President in his or her duties, and performs the duties of the President during his or her absence.

      • Past President: Margaret Hamilton


The Past President is the most recently retired PPS President in good standing, who is entitled and encouraged to sit on the Executive Committee as the Past President in order to contribute experience and assist with the smooth transition of power.

      • Treasurer: Kathryn Danford



The Treasurer of the PPS is in charge of all revenues of the Society, keeps an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements of the Society, prepares estimates of revenues and expenditures on a monthly basis, and prepares a complete statement of the Society’s finances for the Annual Meeting.

      • Secretary: Vacant
      • Program Director: Guy Ridgway
      • Outings Director


The Outings Director is responsible for planning and conducting outings for PPS, providing details for upcoming outings to the newsletter (The Viewfinder), and preparing a brief summary after the outing for inclusion in The Viewfinder.

      • Membership Director: Linda Cardona


The Membership Director processes all applications for membership, furnishes the details of the activities of the Society to prospective members, maintains member name tags, and records the personal information of new members.


      • Members-at-Large (2 Positions)



The Members-at-Large act as a voice on the Executive Committee for issues brought forward by club members, and assist at meetings by helping the guest speaker, setting up equipment, greeting visitors at the door, locking doors, if required, after meetings start, and help with planning, setting up, and staffing PPS projects.

      • Projectionist:


The Projectionist is responsible for managing the use of the projector during meetings, which includes the projection of PPS images, and assisting guest speakers in using the PPS projector, and collecting member images to be presented during club meetings.

      • Webmaster/Social Media: George Giarratana

The Webmaster does not create the information presented on the website, but is responsible for posting it on the PPS website and maintaining the site.

        • Viewfinder Editor: Judith Bain

The Viewfinder Editor accumulates materials submitted by others and presents it in the newsletter along with editorial comments as required by the Executive Committee. The Editor maintains distribution records for the newsletter and distributes The Viewfinder to members and meeting guests.

Comments and concerns, which would normally be picked up by the President in e-mails, will be dealt with by the Executive as a whole, or be printed in The Viewfinder, if they are of general interest to the membership.

You may send your comments and concerns to the following address:

The e-mail will be monitored by a member of the Executive. For those of you who might be concerned as to whether or not our constitution allows for this, the Past-President quotes, “The President, or in the absence of the President, the Vice-President, will chair all meetings of the Society. If neither of these is present within fifteen minutes of the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, the members present shall choose a Chairperson from their number and he/she shall act as Chair for the meeting.”