Peterborough Photographic Society

Welcome to the image submission page using the Dropbox cloud service

From here you can click the appropriate link to select the category to which you’d like to upload your images.

Please review the image naming requirements “Preparing Images or Video for Club Slideshow” prior to submitting your images.

Properly named images are very important to those producing the slideshows, so PLEASE follow those guidelines and remember, do not include your name in the title.

Images for submission should be named with the title you want to use, e.g., “Loons at Dusk.jpg“.

Please do not attempt to submit folders of images, even though Dropbox presents that as an option.

Please Note: To submit images, you must be a member of the Peterborough Photographic Society.

For PC users: If you would prefer the convenience of having the Dropbox Links on your desktop, please see this short video.

Monthly Theme:

Please note that the Theme images should be shot within the current year of the club, which begins June 1.
You may submit up to three (3) images per theme to this category.

Use this link to upload your images: Monthly Theme

Photographer’s Choice:

You may submit up to six (6) images per month in this category.

Use this link to upload your images: Photographer’s Choice

Regular & Breakfast Outings:

You may submit up to three (3) images for each outing category.

Use these links to upload your images: Regular Outing or Breakfast Outing

Member Slideshows & Videos:

Member slideshows: Presented once a year at the May meeting. These slideshows must meet the time constraints provided.
Video Submissions: You may have 13 images or 1 minute and 04 seconds of video or a combination that adds up to 1:04.

Use this link to upload your slideshow or video: Member Slideshows & Videos


This includes images to be submitted for special image events. You will be notified as to when you should use this link.

Use this link to upload your images: Miscellaneous

Brown Bag:

Submit a before image, showing the contents of the bag you picked up at the previous meeting, and an after image, i.e., your wonderful creation using those items.

Use this link to upload your images: Brown Bag