Peterborough Photographic Society

13 images or 1 minute and 44 seconds of video or a combination which adds up to 1:44

Every month, each club member is able to submit up to 13 images OR one video with a running time of approximately 1 minute, 44 seconds (140 seconds) or a combination of images and video which add up to one minute and 44 seconds.

If you are planning to submit a combination of images and video, each image counts as 8 seconds. You could for example submit 4 images (4 x 8 seconds = 32 seconds) and 72 seconds of video. The total would add up to 104 seconds.

When you are making your video, remember to edit it into a story such as a music video or commercial. Add a narrative, music, or just the natural sounds which the scene produces. Share a trip you are taking with us, some kind of event, or something in nature that for whatever reason you think would be of interest. But remember, the maximum length of your video can only be one-minute and forty-four seconds, and if you submit that much video, you can’t submit any images.

See the October 2015 Viewfinder for more information: