Peterborough Photographic Society

Our newsletter, The Viewfinder, is published once a month and is posted to this site about one week before the next meeting.

The Viewfinder includes the latest news regarding meetings, outings and other activities as well as various articles regarding photography that may be of interest to the members and anyone else with an interest in photography.

The Peterborough Photographic Society (PPS) has distinguished itself on the world stage.

The club’s June 2016 edition of the newsletter, The Viewfinder, has been awarded an Honorable Mention and sixth place in the worldwide Photographic Society of America’s (PSA) 2016 small photo club newsletter competition (under 100 members).

In addition, club member and regular Viewfinder contributor Murray Palmer won “Best Environmental Article” for his two related poems, Harper Park and Scout’s SOS Message to Kids, published on pp 7-8 of the June 2016 Viewfinder.

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