Peterborough Photographic Society

The deadline for submitting images is always midnight of the Tuesday night before the meeting.

*** If you have any question regarding the Photo Submission process, please contact our Projectionist at: .

How to Submit Images, Slideshows or Videos for Club Meetings


  • PPS will be using Dropbox for the submission of Images, Slideshows and Videos in place of email.
  • Dropbox has a feature called “File Request” (basically a file up-loader) which will allow members to move images and large slideshow files from their computer directly into a location on the internet that can be accessed by our producers who prepare our various slide shows.
  • The process of selecting and preparing your submissions will not change significantly but the way this is sent in to the club is entirely new. Instead of using email your files will be copied into a location on the Dropbox servers.
  • Use of a File Request does not require a Dropbox account.

The Image Submission Process

At monthly PPS meetings members have an opportunity to show their images by submitting them for presentation in one of the following categories:

  • Theme Photos
  • Photographer’s Choice Photos
  • Outing Photos (Breakfast & Regular Outings)
  • Video Submissions

We also have an annual submission of:

  • Member Slideshows

Submitted images will be assembled into a Slideshow that will be presented at the monthly meetings. It is imperative that members follow the requirements for submission in order to minimize the amount of time the volunteer coordinators have to spend on creating the slideshows.

The steps to submitting images are as follows:

  1. Image Submissions:

The first step is to select which images to submit. Members are allowed:

  • 6 Photographers Choice images
  • 3 Theme images – Please note that the Theme images should be shot within the current year of the club
  • 6 Outing images (3 per Outing)
  • 1 minute and 04 seconds of video
  1.  Re-sizing your image(s):
  • Images must be in JPEG format
  • If re-sizing horizontal or landscape JPG image, re-size the width to 1024 pix, and let the height adjust automatically.
  • If re-sizing vertical or portrait JPG images, adjust the height to 768 pix, and let the width adjust automatically.
  1.  Title your Images (MANDATORY)
  • Once the image is re-sized, go to the folder containing the file you plan to submit and right-click on it, select “rename” and type in a suitable title and press “Enter”.
  • Click on the link for the Dropbox category you require (Theme, Photographer’s Choice, Breakfast & Regular Outings, Video Submissions)
  •  You will be taken to the File Request screen for the category selected on the Dropbox website and prompted to select the files you wish to upload.
  • It will ask for first and last name and your email address (which is used to send you a confirmation).
  • When you submit your file(s) your name will be automatically attached to your title so it is no longer necessary to include your name in the renaming of those file(s).

Please note: If you are submitting images in more than one category, send them separately using the appropriate links shown below – do not mix them!

Printed Images

For those members who like to make and show their prints we now have what we call Members Clothesline. A clothesline will be put up and clothes pegs made available for you to hang your picture for members to view. These prints can be any size up to 11×14″. NO FRAMED PRINTS. No more than two images per member. These images will not be critiqued and will be just for viewing only.

More info: 

Thank you for submitting your images we look forward to viewing them!